Our production facilities are continually upgraded and have many production lines, a Quality Control laboratory, a small laboratory for Research and Development, and raw material and finished product warehouses from where our products are distributed all over the world and in Italy. The commercial and administration offices are located on site in Monteroni D’Arbia. Currently we are able to produce and manage large volumes of solutions for infusion thanks to a recent extension of the production and the introduction of new production and packaging equipment. The chemical and microbiological laboratory has all the necessary accreditation and highly advanced equipment in order to perform all the control activities according to both European and international GMP standards. When necessary, the nearby University of Siena is available when the analytical methods and techniques are more selective and refined. Our laboratories perform chemical, physical and microbiological analysis on the raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and on finished products, as well as all the countless analytical activities required for drawing up dossiers and above all to be in line with GMP standards. Quality right from the raw materials We perform stringent quality control checks in our laboratory on several samples of the raw material before using it in our production and prior to selecting and qualifying suppliers. We inspect the production site of potential suppliers of raw materials to verify that they conform to international standards in terms of quality and they qualify as our supplier only after this inspection and the approval of our Quality Assurance department. Guarantee of Quality.
Evaluation of our processes and any possible criticality through application of risk analysis.
Validation and control of production processes to ensure reproducibility over time.
Application of control protocols during the critical stages of the process.
Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products prior to distribution.

Our production lines:
1. Glass bottles
2. Plastic bottles
3. Bags
4. Glass ampoules
5. Cans for dialysis
6. Plastic vials
7. Glass pre-filled syringes
These lines develop products in many different presentations. This allows us to be flexible and widespread in the markets, to participate in tenders and above all to satisfy the needs of our clients and international companies. As far as products for injection are concerned we are able to meet the requirements of our clients very quickly. .