Industria Farmaceutica Galenica Senese is a manufacturing company located into the heart of Tuscany. 
We specialise in the manufacturing and commercialisation of medical products for infusion and injection. These include: locoregional anesthetics and solutions for infusion such as saline, glucose, electrolyte, ringer, mannitol, glycerol and sodium bicarbonate.

Moreover, Galenica Senese can also produce: aminoacid solutions; solutions for infusion for the treatment of pain such as paracetamol; iopamidol and contrast media for radiology; cardioplegic solutions in bags; antibiotics in bags; veterinary solutions; lifesaving medical products such as adrenaline and noradrenaline; dialysis solutions.

Contract Manufacturing & Contract Development

We have been enhancing our production lines for a few years, in order to perform contract manufacturing for our national and international customers. We have a modern, efficient factory, and we are very careful about quality. Our labs for chemical and microbiological analyses are up-to-date and well-equipped, too. We also deal with medical devices in plastic bags, bottles and vials.

Research and technologyhigh quality and experiencesafety and quick response are part of our commitment to our customers, which consist of Italian hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors, Italian and international industries.

Besides the production of injectable drugs, we offer a wide range of services to our customers. Among these, there are:

- Clinical trials

Analytical Development

Stability studies

Validation process

Support in regulatory affairs

Drafting dossiers in CTD and ECTD

Know-how to engineer and design plants with productions similar to ours, also abroad.