The plant and our production facilities are constantly updated; we have many production lines, a Quality Control laboratory, a lab for Research and Development, raw material and finished product warehouses from where our products are distributed in Italy and all over the world. The commercial and administration offices are located on site in Monteroni D'Arbia. 
We are currently able to produce and manage large volumes of solutions for infusion thanks to a recent enlargement process and to the introduction of new production and packaging equipment. The chemical and microbiological lab is provided with all the necessary accreditation and highly advanced equipment (HPLC, gas chromatograph) in order to perform all the control activities according to both European and international GMP standards. We also benefit from our partnership with the close University of Siena, that shares its analytical methods and refined techniques with us. 
Our laboratories perform chemical, physical and microbiological analysis on the raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products and on finished products, as well as all the countless analytical activities required for drawing up dossiers and above all to be in line with GMP standards.

Quality from the raw material 
Before working with any raw material, our suppliers are carefully selected and qualified, through strict quality controls carried out in our laboratories on different samples of the raw material itself. An inspection is then carried out at the factory for the production of the raw material to verify compliance with international standards in terms of quality; only after the inspection and approval of our Quality Assurance, it becomes possible to use the material of the new supplier.

Quality Assurance
Evaluation of our processes and their possible critical issues through the application of risk analysis techniques
Validation and control of production processes to ensure reproducibility over time
Protocol for the checks to be carried out during critical process phases
Chemical-physical and microbiological analysis on raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products, final products, before being placed on the market

Our production lines:
Glass Bottles
Plastic Bottles Bags
Glass Vials
Dialysis Tanks
Plastic Vials
Glass Pre-filled syringes